Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets 2019

March 11 - 12, 2019

The Ritz-Carlton Westchester, White Plains, NY

Eylem Senyuz

Director, Global Macro Strategist
SunTrust Advisory Services, Inc.

9:00 AM Debate | Local Vs. Hard Currency: Which Should You Choose To Maximize Returns?

Local currency or hard currency? It’s not a new question, but as markets constantly shift and evolve, whether or not to take on FX risk becomes harder to answer. During times of uncertainty, hard currency/dollar-denominated debt may seem like the smartest bet, especially when currencies fluctuate - but the benefits of diversifying away from the dollar and the cumulative positive effect of emerging market nations with stronger economic growth are hard to ignore. In this debate, you will hear two different views on how to use currency to its optimal advantage when buying EM debt.
  • Where do greater returns really lie - in local or hard currency?
  • Are the risks and uncertainty in local currency worth the benefits, if currency fluctuation goes your way?
  • ETFs emergence into this space and what this diversification could mean for your portfolio

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Eylem.

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