Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets 2019

March 11 - 12, 2019

The Ritz-Carlton Westchester, White Plains, NY

Brian Smedley

Head of Macroeconomic & Investment Research
Guggenheim Partners

11:40 AM Presentation With Extended Q&A | US Interest Rate Outlook And Its Impact On Emerging Markets

The combination of a strong US economy and Fed tightening tends to shake up emerging markets, and this cycle has been no exception. With US interest rates rising and the dollar ascendant, what will this mean for EM and how should you prepare? In this presentation, you will  dive into:
  • How much further will the Fed raise interest rates, and what will it mean for Treasury yields?
  • Will the Fed manage to avoid tipping the US – and the global economy – into a recession?
  • Can we trust the recessionary signal from a flattening Treasury yield curve, or does QE mean this time is different?
  • What do rising rates mean for the dollar and how will EM be affected?
  • How should EM investors position in this environment?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Brian.

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