Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets 2019

March 11 - 12, 2019

The Ritz-Carlton Westchester, White Plains, NY

Alejo Czerwonko

Director, Emerging Markets Investment Strategy
UBS Asset Management

11:50 AM Panel | China’s Global Debut: What China’s Entry Into Global Markets Could Mean For Your Investment Strategy

The Chinese financial market has long been closed to foreign ownership, despite widespread disapproval from the US and other nations. While some believe the addition of China represents a new era where they are a true player in the global market, others wonder how open the market will truly be. The bottom line is that interest in China, and Asian markets as a whole, will only increase with time, so how can you optimally adapt your portfolio to gain optimum exposure them?
  • Gather insight into what’s happening in China and what to expect as the market continues to open up
  • Bond Connect and how exactly this mutual market access scheme will allow investors to access liquidity and transparency in China
  • What are the main risks and advantages with investing in China and how will this impact EM as a whole?
  • Is the rise of China as a superpower good for EM? 
  • Could the Chinese government be major competition in the race to invest in EM (like with investing in Africa?)
  • What types of bonds are most attractive when investing in this market currently?
  • Can China really be an alternative to the US dollar? 
  • What were the hurdles into mainland China and what has Bond Connect done recently to encourage participation from global markets? 

1:40 PM Country Roundtables (Attend Two Country Roundtables For 20 Minutes Each)

1. Brazil
Mauro Roca, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, TCW

2. Sub-Saharan Africa

3. Vietnam     

4. Argentina
Alejo Czerwonko, Director, Emerging Markets Investment Strategy, UBS Asset Management

5. Turkey
Eric Jayaweera, Senior Portfolio Manager, Emso Asset Management

6. Eastern Europe

1:15 PM Country Roundtables (Attend Two Country Roundtables For 30 Minutes Each)

1. Russia 
Eric Jayaweera, Senior Portfolio Manager, Emso Asset Management

2. Chile 
 Katrina Butt, Assistant Vice President, Emerging Market Debt ,Sovereign Analyst, Alliance Bernstein

3. Middle East

4. India

5. Southeast Asia

6. Mexico 
Alejo Czerwonko, Director, Emerging Markets Investment Strategy, UBS Asset Management

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Alejo .

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