About Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets

Why This Event?

Emerging Market (EM) economies have undergone many transformations over the past two decades, as their share of world gross domestic product (GDP) has doubled from approximately 20% to 40% from 2001 to 2017.

In fact, Emerging-market bond funds have returned 6.41% over the past 12 months, compared to a loss of about 0.57% on long-term U.S. government bonds. Yet the EM fixed-income universe remains under-represented: although emerging economies account for 60% of global GDP, EM debt makes up just 11% of global bond markets.

Why? Transparency, liquidity, and currency risks in these markets remain major market challenges. But that is changing rapidly…in an age of tech disruption and innovation at every turn, falling behind can be more detrimental than ever – and will be even harder to catch-up.


Designed By The Buy Side, For The Buy Side

Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets was designed to help give you the tactics, strategies and relationships to build a winning emerging markets fixed income investment strategy. Designed by the buy side for the buy side, and with input from all the major regulators, sell side, trading platforms and technology partners, we’ll leave no stone unturned to give you practical solutions to increase returns for your client portfolios.


Built From The Best

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) has been developing industry-leading events focused on capital markets since 2001. This includes our flagship conference TradeTech Europe, which has successfully followed the automation journey in equities over the last decade, and has remained the market leading conference growing to 3000 attendees in the US, Europe and Asia. We have now also successfully moved into other asset classes covering foreign exchange and more recently fixed income, and now, fixed income in the emerging markets.


Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets was spun out of the successful Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Boston, where 850 of the industry’s best and brightest now gather to uncover practical solutions to rise above the current market order. What started as a niche congregation of the Fixed Income elite in 2015, Fixed Income Leaders Summit is now the world’s biggest meeting place for Fixed Income innovators.

Attendee Growth at Fixed Income Leaders Summit, Boston


We Are Unique

Full Service Conference Production: Worldwide Business Research (WBR) is a full service conference production company - our core area of expertise. Other event companies delve into publications, online portals, and sometimes outsource their conferences; we ensure that what you get from us is coming directly from us. From concept to delivery, we put together everything that comes with running the event – not many companies can claim this.

Make New Connections: We are focused on providing you with as many new connections as possible. Through fun and interactive networking with every part of the industry you will expand your community with the right people that will help your company and develop your career.

Content Specifically for You: This is what sets the Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets apart from our competitors. We spend six months conducting research and developing the program. Content is guided by this research, as well as our Fixed Income Advisory Board, to ensure the conference reflects the latest trends and hottest topics in the industry. If you have a paint point, we have it covered.

The Venue: We hold our events at a top tier resort versus a convention center. Alongside the event, we organize and offer a full, three-course sit down meal. You are treated as a VIP every minute, as opposed to a passenger at JFK on Thanksgiving. In short, we make sure you are educated and pampered at our events.

Customer Experience: Our staff onsite are knowledgeable about the event and the industry. They know what you need and where you can get it. That's because the Fixed Income Leaders Emerging Markets Summit organizers are the event staff. We don't hire temps and part timers to run the show, because the event is our business and delivering a great experience for you is imperative.

If you are interested in quality interactions, content that is specific to your business needs and networking with your peers, attending the Fixed Income Leaders Summit: Emerging Markets is the best investment you can make. Guaranteed.

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